But to attain this position, candidates must pass the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam. Which of the following basic services provided by a health information exchange (HIE) entity matches identifying information to an individual? a. To reduce the effect of a server crash in an EHR environment, it is advisable to: In assessing the quality of care given to patients with diabetes mellitus, the quality team collects data regarding blood sugar levels on admission and on discharge. Below you’ll see links to both. What is an advantage of the unit numbering system? c. Underlying human and process problems were not identified and corrected prior to making a system change. Hospitals that report all measures receive the full payment update. What is the alternative hypothesis? University Medical Center contracts with the XYZ Corporation for a clinical information system. A technique that describes an interaction between a user and a system is called a(n): The patient accounting department at Wildcat Hospital is concerned because last night's bill drop contained half the usual number of inpatient cases. This is an example of a situation in which what type of search should be used? A single point of personalized web access through which to find and deliver information, applications, and services is called a(n): The process of integrating healthcare facility systems requires the creation of: In this type of network configuration, individual computers are connected through a central hub that serves as a traffic cop for the data. With the RHIA online courses, you have access to an interactive learning experience designed to build your test-taking confidence. RBK4. If you take care of your body, you’ll be helping your grades. For every doctor and nurse who provides medical care, there are professionals working behind the scenes for the wellbeing of patients. A healthcare entity remains committed to purchasing a vendor's product, which the entity finds solid in its financial and administrative applications but weaker in clinical applications. What is the hospital-acquired infection rate for the medicine unit for January? A possible justification for building an information system in-house rather than purchasing one from a vendor is that: b. The director of the health information department wanted to determine the level of physicians' satisfaction with the department's services. All information on this site is provided as is, without warranty. The total number of deaths from all causes was 2,443,387, and the total population was 288,356,713. The most important set of standards to implement in order to transmit images is: An analyst wishes to test the hypothesis that the wait time in the emergency department is longer on weekends than weekdays. Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use. Exam Prep: RHIA Domain 4—Organization and Management . There are duplicate numbers and errors in patient identification information. The IS director replaces the system with a newer system from a different vendor. Online or real-time transaction processing (OLTP) is a functional requirement for a: Community Hospital uses barcoding technology as part of its medication management processes. Calculate the proportionate mortality ratio for diabetes mellitus. In addition to the exam, students will prepare a proposal abstract (1-2 pages) and deliver a … Examine the current system and identify opportunities for improvement. Oh yeah and study by domains. Domain 2: Information Protection Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy & Security (23 to 27%). The application of information science to the management of healthcare data and information through computer technology is referred to as: This Health Information Exchange (HIE) consent model requires the patient to give their consent for the inclusion of their data in the HIE. Protocols that support communication between applications are often referred to as: Which of the following basic services provided by an HIE entity identifies participating users and systems? The department has planned for units that are 5 shelves high, and each shelf is to be 36 inches wide and have 33 inches of actual filing space. Course Description. You want to graph the number of deaths due to prostate cancer from 2010 through 2017. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your exam time. Which of the following is best suited for this scenario? A control group will not be rewarded for achieving the same goals. What type of sample is this? d. Patient's date of birth, gender, and health record number. The type of graph or chart best suited for this is a: What type of authentication is created when a person signs his or her name on a pen pad and the signature is automatically converted and affixed to a computer document? HIPAA mandated that healthcare business partners and covered entities implement a common standard for data and information transfer. How many shelving units do you need to purchase? Domain 1: Data Content, Structure & Standards (18 to 22%). How long should the master patient index be maintained? I ordered the AHIMA study prep and I took a test every day for 3 months. Because so many patients visit the clinics, sometimes new health record numbers are mistakenly assigned to them (even though they may already have a number) when they register for a particular service. The practice does not have the up-front capital or IT staff needed to purchase and implement a system from a health information systems vendor. Which model for health information exchange stores patient records in a single database built to allow queries into the system. When describing the typical length of stay for patients admitted for congestive heart failure, which is the most appropriate measure of central tendency when there are a number of long stay outliers? To pass, you must score 300 or more on the test. The user needs a list of all of the patients that were diagnosed a cerebral infarction or a cerebral hemorrhage. From a sampling of records in the current files, you have determined that the average thickness of each record is 2 inches. In this situation, XYZ Corporation is a(n): A coding manager wants to display the patient types that have the most coding errors in relationship to coder years of service. In which phase of the systems development life cycle does initial training on a new information system generally occur? Attendees need to bring to the session either the AHIMA RHIT Exam Prep Book (ISBN: 978-1584265795) or the AHIMA RHIA Exam Prep Book (ISBN: 978-1584267249) If you are planning on sitting for the exam soon, you may considering purchasing the AHIMA bundle (Exam Registration fee & Review Book). RHIA Domain V … Which of the following would be the best approach for conducting a retrospective analysis to determine if hospital copy policies are being followed? A protocol to pass data from the system of one vendor to the information system of another vendor is called: What technology creates images of paper documents that can be incorporated into an electronic health record? To ensure quality of data, the cancer committee reviews the abstracting done by the cancer registry personnel. Data Content, Structure and Standards. What problem could the alert feature pose in the new system? A database will be created solely for use in a research study that is being conducted. This is an example of what type of information? Dictated and transcribed reports and notes written by the physicians and other practitioners are examples of: Allowing different health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries is referred to as: The purpose of Regional Extension Centers is to: b. This rate represents the: The researcher's informed consent form stated that the patients' information would be anonymous. b. Study Flashcards On RHIA EXAM 1 DOMAIN 1 at Cram.com. Competencies for RHIT s fall into six domains. What is the average of the sum of the relative weights of all patients treated during a specified time period? RHIA Practice Questions Your Score: 23 Required Score:75 Scores By Category Domain 1: Health Data Management (2 of 5 correct) 40% Domain 2: Health Statistics and Research Support (1 of 5 correct) 20% Domain 3: Information Technology and Systems (1 of 5 correct) 20% Domain 4: Organization and Management (1 of 5 correct) 20% Learn. Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holds. © 2021 Study Guide Zone. We’ve tried to make it easy for you by tracking down the best study guide and flashcard set for your exam. A measure of variability that describes the deviation from the mean of a frequency distribution in the original units of measurement is called the: A current key function in the health information field whereby data is turned into useful information is: What term is used for a centralized database that captures, sorts, and processes patient data and then sends it back to the user? What is the term for health records maintained by patients or their families? If an analyst wishes to determine the root cause of claim denials during June via a random sample, what is the sampling unit? The generic formula for calculating rate of occurrence is used to calculate hospital-acquired infections in an intensive care unit in a given month. The RHIA exam, or the Registered Health Information Administration exam, is a test that determines whether a person is able to handle the management of patient medical records in a job position. Page 1 of 7. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! A radiology department is planning to develop a remote clinic and plans to transmit images for diagnostic purposes. Identifying user information needs is part of which phase of the systems development life cycle? a. Randomly audit EHR documentation for patients readmitted within 30 days. If a health plan analyst wanted to determine if the readmission rates for two hospitals were statistically different, what is the null hypothesis? If you have questions about the domains please contact AHIMA. Access to this report was possible because it was housed in the organization's: As a preliminary step in designing an IS strategy, it is important for the steering committee to conduct a scan of the external environment and to: d. Conduct an internal environmental assessment. It is impossible to have health information interoperability or health information exchange without the following: c. Complete, publicly available standards. Which of the following reports will be most useful in determining the reason for the low volume of bills? This course reviews the topics of human resources management, financial management, project management, and overall operations management. The technology commonly utilized for automated claims processing (sending bills directly to third-party payers) is: If an analyst wishes to predict future ancillary charges for hip replacement patients based on the age of the patient, which of the following is a correct statement? Competencies for RHIAs fall into five domains. This type of data display tool is a plotted chart of data that shows the progress of a process over time. The Medical Center accesses the system through onsite workstations. That standard is: Which data collection program is the basis for the CMS value-based purchasing program? The hospital has over 500 providers on its medical staff. Which of the following statements is an indication that an application service provider (ASP) may be a good idea for this practice? All rights reserved. Course Introduction. The director surveyed the physicians who came to the department. AHIMA revised the Recertification Guide effective January 1, 2020 resulting in a change in the domains. In this situation, the quality department has applied which of the following techniques to its review process? Maximum Score This number is the maximum possible score (Max Score) that may be obtained for each domain. b. Schnering's Professional Review Guide Online for the RHIA and RHIT Examinations, 2019, 2 terms Instant Access provides a personalized exam prep experience for students preparing for the AHIMA RHIA/RHIT exams. The healthcare entity's strategic plan. Take advantage of early RHIA certification testing. Do not walk in unprepared. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with StudyGuideZone.com. RHIA exam prep domain 4 study guide by griffithhl includes 11 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Each domain accounts for a specific percentage of the total questions on the certification exam. Dr. Smith orders 500 mg of penicillin by mouth three times a day for Jane Doe, who is being seen in the hospital emergency department. As you In order for health information exchange (HIE) participants to search for health records on each of the other systems using patient indexing and identification software, the systems must be linked by a(n): In this EHR implementation strategy, virtually every nursing unit, department, clinic, or other organizational unit goes live at the same time with a given component of the EHR. This 14-lesson course covers the AHIMA RHIA certification Domain 3. Which request for proposal (RFP) component would fit the following description: Describe how your product supports the ability to register a patient in the clinic, admit the patient using the same health record number and demographic information, and share the medication list for medication reconciliation with the nursing home to which the patient is discharged. AHIMA Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Domains. The RHIT exam is 3.5 hours and consists of 150 questions. Match. The RHIA exam prep online course bundle is a comprehensive resource to reinforce your knowledge of the RHIA exam domains. Last year, 73,249 people died from diabetes mellitus in the United States. In which stage of the system life cycle would data be collected from system users regarding their needs? This is an example of what? Flashcards. Which of the following would need to be updated to reflect this change? Using sophisticated computer technology to sort through an entity's data to identify unusual patterns. a. In January, Community Hospital had 57 discharges from its medicine unit. This data is called a(n): By querying the healthcare entity data, you find that patients admitted on a weekend have a mean length of stay that is 1.3 days longer than patients who are admitted Monday through Friday. Each domain accounts for a specific percentage of the total questions on the certification exam. Which of the following do HIE participants use to search for health records on other healthcare organization systems using patient indexing and identification software? Domain These serve as the blueprint for the RHIA and RHIT exam categorized into domains. The hospital has established explicit policies that define when the copy function may be used. b. All records for a specific patient, both inpatient and outpatient, are kept together. The computer abstracting system in a facility has an edit that does not allow coders to assign obstetrical codes to male patients. Each exam includes scored questions and pre-test questions randomly distributed throughout the exam. Which of the following statements is true of structured query language (SQL)? If an analyst is studying the wait times at a clinic and the only list of patients available is on hard copy, which sampling technique is the easiest to use? At Medical Center Hospital, the master patient index system is not meeting facility needs. In purchasing an EHR system from a vendor, what does due diligence refer to? The surgery department is evaluating its postoperative infection rate of 6 percent. a. What type of computer system is Dr. Smith using? Once I printed the RHIA exam content by domains from AHIMA's website, and began using that as a study guide, it really helped me get better organized. The peer review process is quite extensive to review even 10 cases for each provider. The fact that nursing staff satisfaction scores have risen is: d. Uncertain due to existence of confounding variables. What architectural model of health information exchange allows participants to access data in point-to-point exchange? The benefits patients experience when using a patient portal include all of the following except being able to: Which of the following is not a statistical technique used to create a model to assess the probability that current Medicare claims are fraudulent? Exam Questions. There were 25 inpatient deaths, including newborns, at Community Memorial Hospital during the month of June. Which index, often considered the most important resource in a healthcare facility, is a database of patients within the facility or associated group of facilities? RHIT Exam Prep 2017 Domain 1: Data Content, Structure, and Information Governance 207 Terms. Your primary ID must be government-issued with your photo and signature. Fifty percent of patients treated at our facilities have Medicare as their primary payer. As part of a large PI initiative that is occurring in a hospital, the PI team is tasked with presenting their findings to hospital administration. Which application uses statistical techniques to determine the likelihood of certain events occurring together? This area of the RHIA exam covers a number of concepts, including leadership roles, change management, process improvement and work design, human resources management, development and training, organizational management, corporate strategy, financial management, ethics, project management, contract and vendor management and managing enterprise information systems. Start studying RHIA Domain 4. b. The test bank is available in Respondus. Domain 3: Informatics, Analytics & Data Use (22 to 26%). Unnecessary alerts can lead to clinicians ignoring other important alerts. See the Exam Content Outline below for greater detail. Pre-test questions are not counted in the final results. exam, we’ve assembled valuable tips and details to support your efforts. Write. Suppose that you are purchasing shelving units. c. In a study comparing the incidence of myocardial infarctions in black males as compared to white females. sesmith16. I've been reading the thread for passing the RHIA! The probability of making a Type I error based on a particular set of data is called the ________. You’ll The chief of surgery asks the quality improvement coordinator to find the postoperation infection rates of 10 similar hospitals in the same geographic region to see how the rates compare. Two forms of identification, including a primary ID and a secondary ID. One strategy for acquiring EHR components from various vendors and interfacing them is: This EHR implementation strategy stops its paper processing immediately after the go-live of the system. She_Torchon. This course was developed as part of AHIMA's Exam Prep series for certification exams. In which of the following examples does the gender of the patient constitute information rather than a data element? At the same time, the nursing documentation component of the EHR has been implemented. General Hospital is performing peer reviews of its medical providers for quality outcomes of care. What is the most likely cause of the problem? Gravity. RHIA Domain I Review 60 Terms. Financial Mgmt Midterm 77 Terms. Test. The use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health-related education, public health, and health administration is called: Which of the following activities is likely to occur in the analysis phase of the systems development life cycle? The third domain of the exam deals with topics representing health information technologies, information management planning and strategy, decision support and analytics, statistics in healthcare, research approaches, consumer statistics, the exchange of health information and data quality and the integrity of information. Which of the following is an effective method of evaluating responses to a request for proposal (RFP)? A network made accessible to trusted individuals outside of the facility is called a(n): The Joint Commission requirement regarding delinquent records is that the number of delinquent records in a facility cannot exceed: c. 50 percent of the average number of discharges. A ________ is a range of values, such that the probability of that range covering the true value of a parameter is a set probability or confidence. Which of the following basic services provided by an HIE entity ensures that information can be retrieved as needed? … Registered Health Information Administrators handle health information and manage medical records. Which entity will need to approve this study? A hospital is undergoing a major reconstruction project and a new director of nursing has been hired. Instructors The gross autopsy rate for the hospital for June was: Which of the following represents the correct sequence (from low to high) of levels of interoperability? Character and symbol recognition technology. All of the following are necessary to maintain an accurate MPI in an EHR environment except: Consumer informatics is focused on ________. Which numerical filing system results in an even distribution of records and ensures activity throughout the filing area? Receive a Certificate of the Degree post-baccalaureate certified program. The most common architecture used in EHRs in hospitals today is: In addition to bar codes on health record documents, what other forms of recognition characteristics enhance the accuracy of form indexing features? Get a study guide or set of flashcards. For an EHR to provide robust clinical decision support, what critical element must be present? a. Dr. Jones comes into the HIM department and requests that the HIM director pull all of his records from the previous year in which the principal diagnosis of myocardial infarction was indicated. Data mining is a process that involves which of the following? Which of the following examples illustrates data that have been transformed into meaningful information? a. The hospital's gross death rate for the month of June was: In which of the following phases of systems selection and implementation would the process of running a mock query to assess the functionality of a database be performed? Descriptions of the 2020 Domain Names: Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance c. Name, gender, address, and date of birth. A researcher mined the Medicare Provider Analysis Review (MEDPAR) file. That’s a great question. Our RHIA exam prep online courses help you simplify your study approach to take the next step and earn the Registered Health Information Associate (RHIA) credential. Spell. Which of the following is true of the median? Domain 5: Leadership (12 to 16%) This area of the RHIA exam covers a number of concepts, including leadership roles, change management, process improvement and work design, human resources management, development and training, organizational management, corporate strategy, financial management, ethics, project management, contract and vendor management and … Students will complete a written exam including both domain general and domain specific questions. Which of the following allows a patient to access all or part of the health record that is maintained by the provider? Take care of yourself. A director of a health information services department plans to do a research project on motivation that involves rewarding some employees for achieving specified goals. Assume you are the manager of a 10-physician group primary care practice. Acceptable examples include a driver’s license, a passport, a passport card, a state/province ID, national ID, military ID, government-issued local language ID, or Alien Registration Card, such as a green card or permanent visa). Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Age is the independent variable; ancillary charges is the dependent variable. Exam Prep: RHIA Domain 2—Health Statistics, Biomedical Research and Quality Management. laurenbenish. Which graphic tool would you use? Which of the following is included in a request for proposal (RFP)? a. Two of the physicians are concerned about the overuse of alerts. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. I suggest taking the RHIA exam during your final … The capture of secondary diagnoses that increase the incidence of CCs and MCCs at final coding may have an impact on: In which type of health information exchange architectural model does the entity operate much like an application service provider (ASP) or bank vault?